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echoes of nordic design

“Echoes of Nordic Design” takes you on a journey in search of traces of Nordic design. The podcast seeks out stories, voices and atmospheres that explore its worldwide allure.

Produced by: Julie Thing. Editor: Ömer Sami. Music: Oliver Hoiness. Mix: Simon Brinck. Graphic design: William Zeuthen.

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The podcast is supported by Nordic Council of Ministers as part of the branding project “The Nordics”. Thanks to Japanspecialisten for indispensable help in organising the travel to Japan.


Craftsmanship across continents and generations - Echoes of Nordic Design in Japan (1:2)

Hidden among Japanese alps is the unusual setting for a story about the relationship between danish design and traditional Japanese craftsmanship.


Drinking coffee with Moomin - Echoes of Nordic Design in Japan (2:2)

The Moomin, a Finnish design icon, makes its way into Japanese life through a special nordic-style cafe where nobody has to be alone.